By: Jenna Jahnke
Symbol: Ca

Atomic #: 20
Atomic Mass: 40.078
# of Protrons:20
# of Neutrons:20
# of Electrons:20
Melting Point: 842 degrees Celsius
Boiling Point:1484 degrees Celsius
Normal Phase: Solid
Cost=$11 for a gram
Classified as a Metal
Belongs to the alkaline earth metal
It comes from the Latin word for lime (calx)
It was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1808.

Facts about Calcium
  • It's the fifth most abundant element in the earth's crust.
  • You can use calcium carbonate to make white paint, stomach antacids, cleaning powder and toothpaste.
  • This element can only be found in living organisms.
  • It occurs naturally in Limestone, Gypsum, and Fluorite.
  • Vitamin D is need for an organism to absorb calcium.
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