By Jessie Askew

Symbol: Cs
Atomic Number: 55
Atomic Mass: 133
Number of Protons:55
Number of Neutrons: 78
Number of Electrons: 55
Melting Point: 28.5 degrees C
Boiling Point:678.4 degrees C
Normal Phase: Solid

Cost: 1100 dollars for 100g

Classified as a metal, belonging to the Alkali metal family.

Origin of name- Latin -caesius- "sky blue"

Discovered by Fustov Kirchoff in 1860.

Random Interesting Facts:
  • Used to make strong elastic plastics for tools
  • Used for coatings around electrical wires
  • Used in fibers of brooms
  • Cannot be tasted or smelled
  • Discovered in mineral water
  • Most electropositive element

Exploding Cesium