Symbol: GA
Atomic Number: 31
Atomic Mass: 70
Number of Protons: 31
Number of Nuetrons: 39
Number of Electrons: 31
Melting Point: 29.9 degrees C
Boiling Point: 2403 degrees C
Normal Phase: Solid
Cost: $220 for 100g
Classiification: Metal
This Element Belongs to the Tin Family.

Origin of Name: Latin. Gallia old name of France (Gaule).
Discovered by: Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1875.

Intresting Info:
•Used in semiconductor production, quartz theremometers, laser diodes and used to locate turmors.
•Gallium does not exist in pire nature found as a trace element in coal, and other minerals.
•Gallium is considered to be non-toxic.
•Gallium is a slivery glass-like softmetal.
•Gallium is located in groups 13, 14, 15. These spots are solid, and have a relatively high density and are oqaque.
•Gallium is clasifed as an "Other Metal."

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