Hafnlum By Christian Carter

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The symbol for hafnlum isexternal image Hf.jpg . Hafnlum atomic number is 72 and its atomic mass is 187. The number of protons 72, nutrons 178, and electrons 106. Hafnlum's melting point is 2233 oC and its boiling point is 4063 oC. Hafnulm is a solid. The cost for hafnlum is $120.00 for 100 grams. Hafnlum's classfaction is a metal. Hafnlum belongs to the transition metals family. The orgin name of hafnlum comes from the latin word hafnia, meaning copenhagen. Hafnlum was descoverd by Dirk Coster, a spanish chemist and Charls De Heversy a hungarian chemist.

Interesting info about hafnlum.

1. It is not found free in nature.external image 25222d1235656623-nature-photos-wallpapers-images-beautiful-pictures-nature-mountains-photo.jpg

2. It is difficulto to seperate it form zirconium. external image Fig-56-The-parts-of-Fig-55-shown-separate.jpg

3. It was decoverd by using a x-ray.external image HF_Mobile_X-ray_Machine.jpg

4. It was predicted after medeleer crated the peridoic table.

5. It makes up about.00058% of the earths crust. external image earth-layers.gif

6. Dirk Coster and Charles De Harvey predicted that it is a electron structure before it was discoverd. external image hafnium.jpg

Dirk coster picture

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Charles De Heversy

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