FACTS About Helium

´╗┐Symbol: He Boiling Point: -269 Degrees Celcius
Atomic #: 2 Melting Point: -272.2 Degrees 'C'
Atomic Mass: 4 Normal Phase: Gas
# Protons: 2 # Electrons: 2
# Neutrons: 2 Classified: Nonmetal
Cost: 37.50 for 1,000 ft. cubed

Origin of Name: Helios meaning sun.
Descovered by Janssen in the year of 1868.

Random Facts

  1. First detected as a new spectralline in a sloar eclipse (1868).
  2. Has no color or taste and can not cause harm to people.
  3. Lowest melting point of all elements.
  4. Causes a person to sound like a chipmunck if inhaled.
  5. Is non-flamable
  6. Mixed with oxygen in the air tank for deep sea diving.

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