By: Jenna Jahnke

Symbol: Mn
Atomic #: 25
Atomic Mass: 55
# of Protrons: 25
# of Neutrons" 30
# of Electrons" 25
Melting Point: 1247 degrees celceus
Boiling Point: 2061 degrees celceus 
Normal Phase: Solid
Cost= $o.28 for 100 grams
Classified as a Metal
My element belongs to the transition metal family.
Origin of name: the Latin word mangnes (magnet)
Discovered by Johann Gahn in 1774

Interesting Information
  • Used for stell, batteries and ceramics
  • It's gray white or silvery
  • It is essential to steel production
  • Manganese is a chemical element found in nature
  • It's non-toxic
  • It helps regulate blood sugar
external image manganese.jpg