Atomic Number:42
Atomic Mass:96
Number of Protons:42
Number of Neutrons:52
Number of Electrons:42
Melting Point:2623 degrees Celsius
Boling Point:4639 degrees Celsius
Normal Phase:Solid
Cost=$30.00 for 1 pound
Molydbanum belongs to the VIB family.
Origin of Name:Greek-Molubdos(lead)
Discovered by:Carl Welhelm Scheele in Uppsala, Sweeded

Interesting Facts---
1) Molybdanum is used in steel, air crafts, electric heaters, and bolier plates.
2) Plants need the trace element Mo because it is essential to the enzyme.
3) Looks hard slivery-white transition metal.
4) Molybdanum is found in cavities/quartz veins of granitic rock
5) Most fertilizers contain Mo
6) Molybdanum, at the highest temperature, is used as a libricate

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~Libby Bradley