Neon by MacKenzie Drinan

symbol: Ne
atomic number: 10
atomic mass: 20
number of protons: 10
number of neutrons: 10
number of electrons: 10
melting point: -248.59 degrees Celsius
boiling point: -246.08 degrees Celsius
normal phase: gas
cost: $2.00 per gram
classification: nonmetal
belongs to the noble gas family
greek word for new, neos
Discovered by Sir William Ramsay in 1898

interesting information:
  • most commonly used for signs and advertisements
  • combined with helium to make helium-neon lasers
  • 4th most abundant element
  • only makes up 0.0018% of earth's atmosphere
  • discovered through the study of liquified air
  • the neon sign was first used by Georges Claude in Paris in 1910
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(facts about neon)