Palladium! (Pd)

atomic number: 46
atomic mass: 106.42
number of protons: 46
number of neutrons: 60
number of electrons: melting point: 1554.9C
boiling point: 2963C
normal phase: solid
cost: $386.00/ounce
classification: metal
origin of name- Greek, comes from the asteroid 'pallas'(the greek godess of wisdom)
discovered by... William Hyde Wollaston
discovered in the year... 1803

~usually occurs along withdeposits of platinum, nickel, copper, silver, and gold
~used to build springs for watches, surgical tools, and dental fillings and crowns
~when at room temp., it is able to absorb up to 900 times its own volume of hydrogen
~is soft, ductile, steel-white, and tarnish resistent
~is primarily found Canada, Austrailia, Africa, South and North America
external image Palladium_1.jpg
-Mary Greenwell(: