By Kayla Butcher
Basic Information:Atomic Symbol: P
Atomic Number: 15
Atomic Mass: 30.97
Number of Protons: 15
Number of Neutrons: 16
Number of Electrons: 15
Melting Point: 44.1 degrees Celsius
Normal Phase: solid
Cost:$30 per 100 grams
Classification: Nonmetal
Family: Nitrogen

More Interesting Information:
Origin of Name: from the Greek word
Phos (light) and phoros(bearer)
Discovered by: Hennig Brand
Discovered in: 1669
Used for: fertilizers, pesticides,detergents,
baking soda, fine china,fireworks, glass,
matches,smoke bombs,tracer bullets, and much more
Color: mainly white, red, or black
When burned: very bright, it sparks and flashes
Compounds: Chloride, Oxide, Hydride
*WARNING: Phosphorus is highly toxic and may cause extreme burns*