Scandium scandium.jpg
Symbol: Sc
Atomic Number: 21
Atomic Mass: 45
Number of Protons: 21
Number of Nuetrons: 24
Number of Electrons: 21
Melting Point: 1539.0 degrees Celsius
Boiling Point: 2832.0 degrees Celsius
Cost: $270 per gram
Classification: Metal
Family: Transistion

The origin of the word Scandium comes from a Latin word scandia meaning scandinavia. Scandium was discovered be Lars Frederik Nilson from Sweden in 1879. Scandium is a type of metal which is number 21 on the periodic table of elements. It is used to create many of things, but mostly used in athletic equipment. Like in aluminum baseball bats, bike frames, lacrosse sticks, etc. Scandium was founded many years ago, but wasn't produced until 1937. The first pound of pure scandium was propduced in 1960. Scandium is expensive. It is $270 per gram and it would cost $122,500 per pound.