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Symbol: Sr external image thumbnail.aspx?q=257608914232&id=0e864a5f00bd8885fbb75d581fdda20c&

Atomic Number: 38

Atomic Mass: 87.62

# of Protons: 38

# of Neutrons: 50

# of Electons: 38

Melting Point: 769 degrees

Boiling Point: 1384 degrees

Normal Phase: solid external image thumbnail.aspx?q=280386415945&id=1b0102184199fb507a945036cfb86948&

Cost for 100 g: $100

Classification: metal

Family: alkaline earth metal

Origin of Name: from Strontian, the Scottish town where it was discovered

Discovered by: A. Crawford in 1790

Interesting Info:

1. discovered in a Scottish mine

2. does not occur naturally

3. very soft

4. scratches easily

5. used in toothpastes and fireworks

6. spontaneously combusts when exposed to air